Alışveriş Sepeti


My name is Semiha Ozmen. I was born and raised in Istanbul. From an early age I was encouraged to try and follow my own path. I studied fashion design. But I worked in web/graphic design for many years and it was a great experience and after a while I wanted to create another outlet for my creativity. Because of my independence, I longed for something that wasn’t restrictive, without rules or limitations. I wanted to have the freedom to choose when, where and how to work. And I wanted to paint. So I started a company and created my site with my knowledge, I named my project Sem because it was my nickname when I was a kid. I have a minimalist and abstract approach to art and design and sometimes love the spontaneous expression of a line or paint.
I use only high quality papers and printing methods to ensure lasting beauty and value. I believe in quality and craftsmanship, it is as important to me as the art itself.
At Sem Fine Art, you can find a variety of quality posters and prints that you can use to reflect your personality and taste in your living spaces.
Sem Fine Art is a completely new and meaningful revolutionary new art form. My posters and paintings by Sem Fine Art are inspired by the world’s greatest painters, artists and designers, but I also create my own unique pieces. As Sem Fine Art, I believe that my work should be accessible to everyone and I have made Sem Fine Art suitable for all budgets.
As Sem Fine Art, I want to make the works more accessible. I make reproductions of famous works of art as posters, because they’re printed on paper rather than canvas and are cheaper because they don’t have a frame or mat. All reproductions are quality resolution prints. I’m excited to offer the option to purchase reproductions for walls at home or in the office, because not everyone has a million dollar home to hang art.
If you are looking for a custom made job, please contact us to learn more about our personalized service.
Imagine walking into a gallery and buying a beautiful painting from an artist you’ve never heard of. How would you feel?

Koleksiyonlarımıza sürekli yeni tasarımlar ekliyoruz, bu nedenle en son posterlerimizi keşfetmek için web sitemizdeki bildirimleri etkinleştirin. İlhamımıza ayak uydurmak istiyorsanız, lütfen bizi Instagram @semfineart’dan bizi takip edin.